Poopy Smash Driver

Drive your way through a poopy apocalypse in this driving game. Fire your weapons and eliminate all of the poppy that comes into your path. Avoid other vehicles and obstacles to get as far as you possibly can. Customize your vehicle with the option to customize and enhance it. Change the weapon or armour on your automobile to make it more unique. In addition, new automobile models are available for purchase in the shop. In this beautiful PC game, you must eliminate all poppies that stand in your path while collecting as many coins as possible and upgrading your vehicle. Are you prepared to risk your life while driving? Hundreds of millions of people have played this popular online game series. Now it’s been completely redesigned and re-engineered for your phones, making them bigger and better than ever before! You’re stuck in a desert, surrounded by poppies, and you have no way out. With just a beat-up automobile and a meagre sum of cash at your disposal, your task quickly becomes clear: you must drive past swarms of poppy to leave alive. When you play Earn to Die, you’ll not only be driving through hordes of poppy, but you’ll also be earning money to use to upgrade, unlock, and customize new cars. Is your vehicle unable to withstand the conditions? Why not include a pistol, boosters, or perhaps a spiked frame in your design?
Use arrow to drive vehicle and Tab to show the menu

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