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Impostor Warline 456 Survival

Have fun with this new game Impostor Warline 456 Survivors an entertaining and exclusive game on !! On this occasion the little amons us who participated in a game like the squid game will try to win the first game but now armed!!! Now you will side with the creators of the game and control the rebels amons us. Can you control this rebellion and eliminate all the participants who took up arms to eliminate and end the games? Have fun improving your characteristics and improve them by collecting gold and improving your score. The objective is to control the soldier belonging to the squid game to defend the red line of the game Green light red light, eliminate all the rebels among us who took weapons and are willing to eliminate you and end the games.
Instructions Control the character on desktop with the mouse shoot and use the items keyboard arrows and keys W to go up and S to go down Touch the screen on tablet and mobile devices

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